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Wettelijke informatie



Euro-Tyre will make best efforts to deliver products as soon as possible to the authorised retailer specified by you during the purchase process, however Euro-Tyre will not be held responsible for delays incurred due to unavailability or 3rd party related shipping delays.

Euro-Tyre will use best efforts to meet the indicated delivery time.


It is important to ensure you order the correct tyres. If you have ordered the incorrect size please contact Euro-Tyre as soon as possible so that we can exchange for the correct tyres for your vehicle.

  • Grounds for tyre returns are listed below:
    • The tyres delivered do not match the description on the site.
    • The tyres delivered are wrong delivered.
    • The tyres delivered are wrong ordered.

  • There must be no evidence of tampering and that the tyres have never been mounted or used.

    Proof of purchase is required for all return items. If you have notified Euro-Tyre of a wrong fitment outside the 48 hour period, all costs associated with the return of goods are the sole responsibility of the consumer. The purchaser assumes full responsibility for fitting tyres different from the legal permissible sizes within the purchaser’s State of registration. We suggest obtaining up-to-date regulations from the relevant authority before purchase.

  • In case of returning goods, the costs are:
    • Shipping costs per order € 5,-
    • Handling costs per order of 10% of the order amount
    • (Possible invoiced shipping costs will not be credited)
  • Named costs applies only on returns without a product- or material problem.


    If you choose to change the size of a tyre this can alter its legality, therefore it is the consumer’s responsibility to contact relevant road and traffic authorities prior to any modifications being done to see if they are permitted. Euro-Tyre is not liable for any legal issues that may arise from the purchase and fitment of tyres.

    Full Warranty Terms and Conditions are also available upon request via our Euro-Tyre helpdesk.

    Warehouse Inventory
    Dear Customer, Sorry, we are currently undergoing our yearly warehouse inventory. Therefore our webshop is unavailable at the moment. Your Euro-Tyre Team